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December 04 2012

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November 19 2012

October 29 2012

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October 08 2012

September 21 2012

No dear
That isn't what 'mansplaining' means

August 25 2012

August 24 2012

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August 18 2012

August 17 2012

August 14 2012

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:o ...wie gut der frosch mich kennt!
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August 11 2012

This was an actual conversation my friends were having

Submitted by: aainiv
Posted at: 2012-08-10 21:24:46
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August 03 2012

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not sure if dumber or smarter
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August 01 2012

July 30 2012

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July 29 2012

The best of the Sad Skrillex Meme

Submitted by: toxicat
Posted at: 2012-07-27 20:12:18
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July 17 2012

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